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Guides and Tips for your next Adventure


Travel Gear & Packing Tips

For our trips we recommend you wear comfortable clothes. The climate of southern Chile is not very predictive, so we suggest you to bring a waterproof jacket and pants, hat and sunglasses. High cane shoes and trekking poles.

Travel Planning Tips

Always bring with you all your documentation such as DNI, Passport. For sailings, the maritime authority requests these documents. We also suggest bringing local money in cash.

Travel Safety & Health

In all our trips, we carry first aid kit. Also, our guides are certified and qualified to provide help when necessary. If you have any difficulty traveling or medical indication, let us know in advance. Travel quietly with us.

Travel Photography Advice

Our guide is a professional photographer. It will give you tips to get your best picture. We recommend carrying a bag to protect your camera from rain or wind. Also carry additional batteries so you do not miss the wonders of the places we will travel!

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